George Jones and the Giant Squid

Rumblings in the Depths

Greetings citizens.

To those of you who have been wondering where we have been for the last few months, we wish to thank you for your many letters of enquiry and support, and also for the countless parcels of rations and dry biscuits that you have sent. Your generosity has sustained us during our often fraught attempts to repair our badly damaged steamboat. We are happy to announce that we have made good progress, and that the vessel is almost sea-worthy.

However, our records indicate that some citizens have been inconsistent with their offerings to Old Bertie. While sightings of the squid have been few in the past year, we remind each of you that complacency will lead only to ruin. Bertie may yet again reveal himself, and so we leave you with this one vitally important question:

Have you made your offering to Old Bertie today?

Photograph by Miles Noel ©2010